The average football player is lacking in accurate knowledge of the football rules. It is very important that every man should know the rules and know them instantly. The opportunity to take advantage of them on the field of play will not last always. The player does not often have time to hesitate.

There is no better way for the men to gain a proper knowledge of the rules than by instituting a quiz on them at least once a week. The players themselves should each be required to present two questions on the rules every Wednesday evening. These questions should be signed and read at the Wednesday evening meeting.

Rules are nothing but football laws which must be obeyed. The practitioner in court who can quickly interpret a law bearing on the case that is being tried has an instant advantage over his slower opponent who is, for the moment, mystified. Correspondingly, no man can be a great football player unless he is an adept at the rules of the game.

Urge the men at the next "Rule Quiz" to bring out some new feature under the rules. The player, in looking up and preparing these questions, will become thoroughly conversant with all the rules. This, together with what each man brings out at the weekly conference, should leave nothing unnoticed, down to the obscurest section of the laws that govern the game.