To send the full-back between lt and le, there is no change in the position taken by the men.*

Diag 11

Full back between the tackle and end.

The three backs and the ends dash forward in the lines indicated the instant the ball is snapped.

Le takes the tackle, the extra man behind the tackle, or the first man in the line outside of him.

Lh runs directly for the opposing re who has been left free, blocks him and endeavors to force him out.

FB receives the ball at x on a pass from qb and runs in the line indicated, at utmost speed, with head well up.

Qb cuts in close behind i.t and endeavors to get ahead of fB in order to give him interference.

Rh and re, running behind KB at utmost speed, seek to protect and assist him.

Rt plays as before, +

Lt exerts every power to force the opposing tackle back and in toward the center.

Note. The ball should always be carried in the arm away from approaching tacklers, both as a protection, and that the free arm may be that nearest the opponent, to be of use in warding off. It is fine play to shift the ball from arm to arm as occasion requires.

* See description of diagram 5.

+ See diagram 8 and Note.