To send the running mass wedge into the line behind the tackle, the same principle is carried out as that shown in diagram forty-nine.


Running mass wedge directly at the tackle.

The instant the ball is snapped all the men behind the line start for rt in the directions indicated, at utmost speed, fb receiving the ball at x on a pass from qb. Lh and rh strike the flanks of rt at full speed on either side, while the ends, qb and lt, mass on the sides and rear of fb as he strikes the line, as shown in diagram forty-seven.

The mass must continue its closely locked formation and push directly down the field.

Le works in slightly to le2 before the ball is put in play.

LT leaves the line the instant the ball is snapped, as if he himself were to run with the ball, follows directly behind fb and overtakes him if possible before he reaches the line, in order to push him as he strikes.