The men are lined up at the center of the field as shown in the cut, from five to six feet apart.


Free opening play from the center of the field.

A signal makes it understood around which end the play is to be made, and each player selects the man on the opposing side whom it has been prearranged that he shall block.

C puts the ball in play by kicking it while still retaining it in his hands, and passes it back to lh, in case the play is to be made around the right end. At the same instant the entire rush lines move diagonally toward the right as one man, and dash into the opposing rushers as they meet midway between the two lines.

Rh and fb precede lh to interfere for him as they reach the end, and all sprint at topmost speed.

Note. The rushers must see to it that they do not betray by their looks, before the ball is put in play, the direction in which the run is to be made.