To make the double pass opening play around the left end, the rushers are placed as indicated, on the center line, about two yards apart, leaving an interval of about ten yards between c and qb, and five yards between qb and rg, while the backs are about three yards behind the line.


Double pass opening play from the center.

The instant that qb puts the ball in play * c, lg, lt, le, and lh dash toward the center of the field in lines nearly parallel with the cross lines, preserving their distances from one another. Qb makes a long pass to lh at x, as he advances toward him on the run.

The men to the right of qb start directly down the field, swinging in slightly toward the center to block the oncoming rushers. Qb and fb stand still.

Lh passes close in front of fb, carries the ball in his right arm, and passes it to fb, to take it as he rushes by.

Fb and qb then instantly start in the opposite direction and sprint at utmost speed to encircle the opposing team which has been drawn in toward the center.

Note. From this same formation qb may pass the ball either to fb or rh for a kick, in which case the rushers will all run straight down the field instead of across in the lines indicated in the cut.

* See description, diagram fifty-four.