To send lh between rg and rt the men occupy the same position as in the preceding diagram.*

Diag 6

Half back between the guard and tackle on the opposite side.

The instant the ball is snapped rh, fb, lh, and i.e start forward at utmost speed in direction of lines indicated. RG lifts his man back and to the left, while rt lifts his man back and to the right.

Rh dashes straight through the opening and takes the extra man behind the opposing Lt. Lh follows immediately behind and dives into the opening so made with head down, the ball held as before.+

Le leaves his position the moment the ball is put in play and follows directly behind lh.

Fb and qb also dash in and all throw their combined weight in behind him as he strikes the line, to push him through.

The play of lt is the same as in diagram 5.

Re takes his own man and endeavors to force him out toward the side.

Note. Fb may be sent through the opening with rh ahead of lh, to break the line and interfere, instead of following and pushing from behind.

* See description of positions of diagram 5. + See description in diagram 5.