To send lh between rg and c, the ends stand about one yard back from the line and a yard and a half outside of the tackles, the half-backs stand between two and three yards directly behind the guards, rh withdrawing slightly to rh2, and the fullback stands between three and four yards behind the center.

Diag 5

Half back between guard and center on the opposite side.

The instant the ball is snapped fb, lh, rh, re, and le dash forward for the point between rg and c; rg lifts his man back and to the right, while c forces his man back and to the left to make an opening.

Fb dashes straight into this space, passes directly through the line, breaking an opening, and jumps into the first man in his path behind the opposing line.

Lh receives the ball from qb's hands as he passes on the run or by a short pass, and plunges into the opening directly behind fb with his head down and the ball tightly clasped at his stomach with both hands *

Rh, re, le, and qb dash in immediately after lh, throw their entire weight against him and push him through. +

Lt, simply forcing his opponent to pass outside of him, dashes in the direction indicated the instant the ball is in play, to arrive ahead of and interfere for lh in case he succeeds in getting through the line. It may be best for lt to select a particular back, and make it his especial duty to take him each time.

Note. Rh may go in advance of lh together with fb, if so desired.

* See Note, diagram 2. + See Note, diagram 1.