To send lh around le all the men occupy the same position as in the preceding plays of the series,* with the exception of lh, who shifts his position several yards to the left without attracting attention.

Diag 4

Half back around his own end.

As before, lh, fb, and rh start forward at utmost speed the instant the ball is snapped, and lh, receiving the ball as he runs on a long pass from qb, sprints for the left side of the field in order to circle around and pass to the outside of the opposing end.

Le makes directly for his opponent, and endeavors to force him in toward the center, while fb, rh, and qb follow at utmost speed as before. Fb and qb seek to overtake lh, running to the inside of him and interfering for him as they go together down the field, while rg follows as closely as possible behind lh to prevent his being caught from the rear.

Rt and re pass directly through the line and take the directions indicated as before, + to interfere for lh if he succeeds in circling the end.

* See explanation of diagram I. + See Note, diagram 2.