To form the line wedge upon the right side. At the given signal rh, re, lh, and le, dash toward the right and form a wedge directly behind rt, occupying the positions rh2, re2, lh2, and le2, and taking a formation similar to that shown for le, lh, re, and rh in diagram forty-one.


Harvard line wedge.

C puts the ball in play the instant the men reach their positions, and qb passes to fb, who receives the ball at x, on the run. Lt leaves his position the instant the ball is snapped, and follows directly behind fb. Upon receiving the ball, fb dashes in behind the wedge with head down, and all plunge forward, preserving a compact mass. Lg blocks his man hard, while c and lg block their men and endeavor to force them to the left. .

As soon as qb has passed the ball, he should dash forward to throw his entire weight behind the wedge.

See Note, diagram sixty-eight.