To perform the criss-cross play when the ball is out of bounds at the side line, c places one foot well within the field, keeping the other out of bounds, and faces the opponents' goal with the ball in his hands ready to put it in play by touching it to the ground and passing it back between his legs to qB. Rg stands as near the side line as possible directly behind c, out of the way of qb.


Criss cross play from the side line.

Fb stands about two yards behind qb, while lh occupies a position three or four yards behind the line and from ten to fifteen yards from the side of the field. The remainder of the men stand closely and solidly together in the line.

When the ball is put in play qb passes quickly to fb and both start at utmost speed for the center of the field in the lines indicated. Fb runs close in front of lh and gives him the ball as he passes, upon which lh instantly starts back in the opposite direction.

Just before fb reaches lh, the guards and center swing around to the side and sweep their opponents a yard or two into the field, leaving a narrow lane by the side line down which lh may pass, as shown in cut A.

The play can be made with equal success when the ball is "down" within a yard or two of the side lines.

Note. Lh must take the greatest care not to step over the boundary line as he runs.