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Sweden | John Stoddard's Lectures

Sweden. Illustrated and embellished with views of the world's famous places and people, being the identical discourses delivered during the past eighteen years under the title of the Stoddard lectures.

TitleSweden - John L. Stoddard's Lectures
AuthorJohn L. Stoddard
PublisherNorwood Press
Copyright1901, John L. Stoddard
AmazonJohn L. Stoddard's Lectures 13 Volume Set
When God divided the waters from the dry land, He is said to have forgotten Sweden. At least that is the explanation given by the Swedes for the extraordinary fact that one-twelfth of the entire ar...
-Sweden. Part 2
On the first morning after starting on this novel mode of travel, my companion thrust his head into my stateroom, and exclaimed in great excitement, Come quick, and see a steamer climb a hill! I h...
-Sweden. Part 3
The Castle Of Vadstena On Lake Vettern. Through Silvery Beeches. Stockholm has incontestably the right to claim that it possesses one of the best hotels in Europe and one of the finest situati...
-Sweden. Part 4
The Norrstrom And The Royal Palace. The Stromparterre. Bern's' Salong. In a small, sunny square of Stockholm stands a marble column, surmounted by a fine bronze statue of the city's fou...
-Sweden. Part 5
The chapel where he lies is draped with faded battle-flags which he so often led to victory, together with a multitude of tattered trophies taken from the enemy. To right and left of the sarcophagus r...
-Sweden. Part 6
The Council Hall, Royal Palace. The Queen's Drawing-Room. The Sitting-Room Of The Crown Princess. The Study Of The Crown Prince. One portion of this edifice is devoted to an Armory and Mu...
-Sweden. Part 7
Rural Sweden. Rising conspicuous and graceful above the buildings of Stockholm, stands an open-work structure of iron, which looks like the skeleton of a lofty castle-turret. It is the tower of th...
-Sweden. Part 8
Of the latter, one in particular is world-renowned. It is the Codex Argen-teus, a transcript of the translation of the Gospels into Gothic made by Bishop Ulphi-las in the latter part of the fourth cen...
-Sweden. Part 9
The Graves Of Odin, Thor, And Freva At Old Upsala. Castle Gripsholm On Lake Malar. The New University Building. There is something sad in the extinction of a really fine mvthologv. Togethe...

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