Range. - Tropical America north to Mexican boundary of the United States.

This handsone and strikingly marked Falcon is found in limited numbers within the United States, but south is common and widely distributed. They nest at a low elevation, in bushes or small trees, making their rude nests of twigs, lined with a few grasses. They lay three, and sometimes four, eggs which have a creamy white ground color, finely dotted with cinnamon, and with heavy blotches of brown. Size 1.75 x 1.30.

359 Aplomado Falcon Falco Fusco Ccerulescens 674359 Aplomado Falcon Falco Fusco Ccerulescens 675


Aplomado Falcon

Aplomado Falcon. Desert Sparrow Hawk

359.1. Kestrel. Falco Tinnunculus

Range. - Whole of Europe; accidental on the coast of Massachusetts.

This species is very similar in size and coloration to the American Sparrow Hawk. They are much more abundant than the Sparrow Hawk is in this country and frequently nest about houses, in hollow trees, on rafters of barns, or on ledges and embankments. Their eggs are of a reddish buff color, speckled and blotched with reddish brown, they being much darker than those of the American Sparrow Hawk.

Reddish buff

Reddish buff.

360a. Desert Sparrow Hawk. Falco Sparverius Phalaena

Range. - Western United States from British Columbia south to Mexico. This variety is slightly larger and paler than the eastern form. There are no differences in the identification of the two varieties.

360a Desert Sparrow Hawk Falco Sparverius Phalaena 678