Range. - North America, east of the Rocky Mountains and north to Hudson Bay; winters from the middle portions of the United States, southward.

This beautiful little Falcon is the smallest of the American Hawks, being only 10 inches in length. They are very abundant in the east, nesting anywhere in cavities in trees, either in woods or open fields. The eggs are generally deposited upon the bottom of the cavity with no lining; they are creamy or yellowish buff in color, sprinkled, spotted or blotched in endless variety, with reddish brown. Size 1.35 x 1.10. These birds are very noisy, especially when the young are learning to fly, uttering a loud, tinkling, "killy, killy, killy." They have a very amiable disposition, and frequently nest harmoniously in the same tree with other birds, such as Flickers and Robins.



Sparrow Hawk

Sparrow Hawk.



360b. St. Lucas Sparrow Hawk. Falco Sparverius Peninsularis

Range. - Lower California.

This variety is smaller than the eastern, and even paler than the western form. Eggs identical with eastern specimens.