Range. - Mexico, north to the bordering states. This odd little bird is the smallest member of the family found in America, attaining a length of only six inches. In plumage it may be described as similar to a very small, earless Screech Owl, only with the pattern of the markings a great deal finer. They are said to be quite abundant in the table lands of central Mexico and in southern Arizona, where they build their nests in deserted Woodpeckers' holes, perhaps most frequently in the giant cactus. It is said to be more nocturnal than the Pygmy Owls and to feed almost exclusively upon insects. They lay from three to five eggs having a slight gloss. Size 1.02 x .90. Data. - Southern Arizona, May 22, 1902. Nest in a deserted Woodpecker hole. Two eggs.

381 Elf Owl Micropallas Whitneyi 733

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381 Elf Owl Micropallas Whitneyi 735381 Elf Owl Micropallas Whitneyi 736