Range. - Eastern North America, breeding from northern United States northward, and south in the Alleghanies to North Carolina; winters in the United States.

These are the smallest of the Wrens, being but four inches in length; they have a very short tail which, like those of the others, is carried erect over the back during excitement or anger. They are very sly birds and creep about through stone walls and under brush like so many mice; they have a sweet song but not as loud as that of the House Wren. Their nests are placed in crevices of stumps, walls, old buildings or in brush heaps, being made of twigs and leaves, lined with feathers. Their eggs, which are laid during May or June, are pure white, finely and sparingly dotted with reddish brown; size .60 x .48.



722 Winter Wren Nannus Hiemalis Hiemalis 1453722 Winter Wren Nannus Hiemalis Hiemalis 1454Winter Wren

Winter Wren.

722a. Western Winter Wren. Nannus Hiemalis Pacificus

Range. - Western North America from the Rockies to the coast, north to Alaska.

This species is much browner both above and below and is more heavily barred than the last; its habits and eggs are like those of hiemalis.

722b. Kadiak Winter Wren. Nannus Hiemalis Helleri

Range. - Kadiak Island, Alaska. Said to be slightly larger and paler than pacificus.