Range. - Aleutian and Pribilof Islands, Alaska.

Larger and paler than the Western Winter Wren. The habits of this species are similar to those of the eastern Winter Wren; they nest between boulders and in crevices of rocks or stumps, making their nests of moss and rootlets, lined with feathers. The eggs are like those of the Winter Wren but slightly larger; size .65 x .51.



723.1. Aleutian Wren. Nannus Meliger

Range. - Western Aleutian Islands to Alaska. Very similar to the above, both in song and general habits. They nest in the crevices of rocks or between boulders, making their nests of rootlets and grass, lining it with hair and feathers. Usually six eggs are laid, white with a few specks of brown (.58 x .46).

723 1 Aleutian Wren Nannus Meliger 1457

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