This very pretty toy dog receives scant justice at shows where he has either to compete against his black and tan brother, or take his place in a variety Class, and in either case generally goes down before a better known and more fashionable rival.

This dog possesses distinct character, and is well worth cultivating; the colour is a pale or greyish blue, and the tan markings should be distributed as in the black and tan variety; the tan is, however, always pale, and I have not seen specimens with the distribution of the markings and their clearness quite satisfactory.

All the more reason for breeders to take them up and improve on their present form.

At one time in London, and also in the West of Scotland, and, probably, other parts of Great Britain, there existed a blue terrier known as the Blue Paul; these are still at rare intervals to be met with, and I think it highly probable that the toy blue and tan is a descendant of the Blue Paul. According to tradition the latter was brought to this country by the notorious pirate, Paul Jones, but where brought from tradition sayeth not.

The toy blue and tan is generally apple-headed and small and pointed in the muzzle, and generally wanting in coat.

This dog should, bearing these differences in mind, be judged by the same scale of points as the toy black and tan.