During the whole time of growth, the only general management required is, first, a habit of obedience, the dog being taught his kennel name, to follow at heel, and to lead. Some breeds require more than this; as, for instance, the pointer and setter, which will be mentioned under the head of breaking. Secondly, secure cleanliness in all respects, the kennel being kept scrupulously clean by washing the floor, and at least once a year lime-washing the walls, while the skins are freed from any vermin which may be found by the means described in the Third Book. In the summer a straw bed is seldom required, but in the winter it must be given lor the sake of warmth, and changed once or twice a week.

Physic is not needed as a regular practice, if feeding is conducted on the above plan, and the exercise is sufficient; but if the pup-pies are dull, a dose of castor oil occasionally will do good.