What is often called asthma in the dog is nothing more than a chronic form of bronchitis, very common among petted toy dogs or house dogs, which do not have much exercise. The symptoms and treatment are detailed under the head of Chronic Bronchitis. There is, however, a form of true asthma, accompanied with spasms, among the same kind of dogs, the symptoms of which are much more urgent They comprise a sudden difficulty in breathing, so severe that the dog manifestly gasps for breath; still there is no evidence of inflammation. This malady may be known by the suddenness of the attack, inflammation being comparatively slow in its approach. The treatment consists in the administration of an emetic (45), followed by the cough bolus (46), or the draught (47). If the spasms are very severe, a full dose of laudanum and ether must be given, viz. - 1 drachm of laudanum, and 30 drops of the ether, in water, every three hours, until relief is afforded. The mustard embrocation (42), or the turpentine liniment (43), may be rubbed on the chest with great advantage.