Color: A dirty color or grizzled red with white patches and always shaded with black or darker color, like the St. Bernard and Mastiff.

Height: 27 in. Weight: 180 lbs.

A powerful and imposing dog resembling in many features the Mastiff and the Bordeaux, but is longer and harder in coat. The head is very heavy, powerful, large and square, with skull broad between the ears. The muzzle short, blunt, broad and square, and the lips have heavy pendulous flews. Eyes are small and brown, and convey a grave and sometimes an almost grumbling expression, and show the haw. Ears small, set on high, and hang close to the head. Body is strong, neck strong, heavy and muscular, chest deep and broad, back long, broad and powerful. Tail long, heavy, and carried downwards. Coat is semi-long, dense and hard.