This is a very common disease of the digestive organs, and is due to improper food, very cold water, sudden change of diet, exhaustion from over-work and fasting, and then repletion, and many other causes. The pain is usually sudden; the horse paws, kicks at his belly, looks round with a longing, uneasy expression at his flanks, lies down, and rolls on his back, or lies outstretched; then, suddenly rising, he shakes himself, and is free from pain for a short time until another spasm comes on.

If due to indigestion, colic is best treated with purgative medicines and enemas. In slight attacks, a draught composed of a stimulant combined with an opiate (nitric ether and tincture of opium) generally effect a cure. Sometimes three or four ounces of alcohol given in a quart of tepid water, will answer equally well.