This is a common term used by the farmer or ordinary horseman for any or all diseases in which there is a discharge from the nostrils, sore throat, and difficulty in breathing. But as these diseases require treatment, according to the organs affected, each one will be treated separately.

Heaves or Broken Wind

This disease may follow any of the distempers. It also comes from feeding on mouldy or dusty hay.

Treatment. - When this disease is of long standing it is incurable. A teaspoonful of pine tar placed well back on the tongue two or three times a day will sometimes relieve it. All hay and grain should be moistened with lime water, and hay should be given in small quantities, taking care not to have the animal too full on first starting out to work.

Epistaxis or Nasal Bleeding

Sometimes this comes from an injury or from violent exertion.

Treatment. - Bathe the head and face with cold water, and let a stream of cold water fall two or three feet and strike the loins.


This is the filling of the chest with water as the result of pleurisy. If it is not checked the horse may live two or three weeks, but finally dies of suffocation. It is impossible for the novice to treat it. A skillful veterinarian should be called at once.


Heavy and wind-broken horses are often called roarers, but there are some in which the difficulty is in the throat instead of in the lungs. It is due to a thickening of the membrane lining the larynx, and finally a wasting of the muscles of the larynx. When it is of long standing it is incurable.

Symptoms. - A loud roaring or whistling noise when the horse is pulled hard or driven fast.

Treatment. - This can only be palliative. A sharp blister on the outside of the throat, and from one to two drachms of iodide of potash given twice a day for a week, may relieve it for a time.

Chronic Cough

This is generally the result of some previous disease. It may come from the throat only and is then short and hacking, or it may come from the lungs and in that case will be deep and hollow.

Treatment. - Give a tablespoonful of the following powder in feed three times a day: Powdered anise seed, foenugreek, Jamaica ginger, nitrate of potash, and muriate of ammonia, equal parts, mixed. Blister the throat if the cough is hacking.


On the Treatment of Respiratory Diseases. Pure air for breathing, and warm clothing for the body are both indispensable. Never give a physic; but open the bowels with injections of warm water. Give plenty of fresh, cool water to drink. Never drench when the throat is sore. Dilute all strong medicines before giving.