The first requisite in furnishing a bedroom is that it appear crisp and clean. The walls, light in color, must be restful and simple in design. The woodwork may be white or ivory. Painted furniture is very popular for a bedroom because of its dainty appearance, but dull-finished mahogany, walnut, or maple bedroom furniture, in four-post or any Colonial design, with rag, braided, or hooked rugs, is charming.

When placing the bed, consider the sleepers' preferences with reference to light and cross drafts. A dressing-table is fashionable, but not so practical as a chest of drawers with a mirror above. A full-length mirror installed in a closet door, or hung in a narrow wall space, is a very desirable adjunct. Be sure to place the dressing-table or chest of drawers where the light is not reflected from the opposite window. To secure a good view, the light should be directed upon the person to be reflected, and not upon the mirror.

If one bed is used, place beside it a table on which may be placed a lamp, telephone, and small water-bottle and glass. If two beds are used, place this table between the two beds.

Washable bedspreads are more desirable than silk. Bedspreads and bureau covers may be made of unbleached muslin, bound with wide bands of plain yellow, blue, and brown - these colors overlapping one another - or plain white Swiss, dimity, or a ready-cut spread of any novelty washable fabric.

1 Should be considered as accessory rather than as necessary furnishings.

Floor Coverings

Linoleum or straw matting; rugs, such as velvets, Brussels, Wiltons, braided, rag rugs, linen rugs, or straw matting by the yard.


Twin beds or double bed, in any of the hardwoods, antique or modern, natural wood finish or painted; or metal bed, painted, enameled or stained. Box or woven springs; good quality mattress only should be considered, of either hair or good composition filler; two pillows, blankets, comforter, and bedspread.


Or a broad chest of drawers, with or without attached mirror, similar to bed in style and finish; or it may be an individual piece, antique or modern, of period design.

Chiffonier, Chifforobe, Or High-Boy

Similar to dresser in finish and style; or it may be an individual piece, antique or modern, of period design.

Dressing-Table, Toilet-Table, Vanity Dresser, Or Low-Boy

Similar to chiffonier in style and finish; or it may be an individual piece, antique or modern, of period design. A flounced dressing-table is appropriate, with French or Early American period furniture, or in country houses where no period is suggested, but is a dust collector and is not recommended for general use.

Dressing-Chair, Bench, Or Stool

For convenience at dressing-table. Same wood and style as dressing-table.

Small Table Or Night-Stand

For bedside use. Should be of same wood and style as other bedroom furniture, or an individual piece, antique or modern, of period design.


Wood, pottery, or metal base, with paper or light-colored silk shade.

Sewing-Table Or Stand

Same wood and finish as bedroom furniture, or an individual antique or modern piece. Use to contain darning and mending materials.

Armchair Or Slipper-Chair

Of wicker; or low, overstuffed, upholstered in light-colored cotton or silk material.

Straight Chairs

Two. Similar to other bedroom furniture, or they may be individual pieces, antique or modern, of period design.


If dresser, chiffonier, and dressing-table have no mirrors attached, mirrors with antique gilt, gold-leaf, painted or wood frames, should be hung over chests of drawers or low-boys.


In gold-leaf, gilt, natural wood or painted frames; subjects may be of the more intimate type, such as family photographs, or subjects of particular interest and association to the occupants of the room.

Decorative Accessories For Ladies

Toilet articles in silver, ivory, tortoise-shell, or wood. Fresh cotton in small container or bag, for guest. Lamp of wood, daintily decorated, or of metal or pottery, on bedside-table, with shade of paper or light-colored silk. One or two small pillows for comfort in reading, etc., hangers, shoe-trees, and painted or papered hatboxes in closet.

Decorative Accessories For Gentlemen

Toilet articles in silver, ivory, tortoise-shell, or wood. Clothes, hat, and shoe brushes available. Plenty of coat and trousers hangers, and shoe-trees and shoe cloth available in closet.