Floor Coverings

Rugs, linoleum, or straw matting. Wiltons, velvets, rag, hooked, braided, or linen fiber rugs.


Twin beds in any of the hardwoods, natural finish or painted, or metal beds painted or lacquered.

Dresser Or Chest Of Drawers

Similar to bed in finish and style, or an individual antique or modern piece, or a painted chest.

Dressing-Table Or Flounce Dressing-Table

Similar to dresser in finish and style, or an individual piece, antique or modern. A flounce dressing-table may be made over a wooden frame or kitchen table at slight expense.


If the dresser and dressing-table have no mirrors attached, mirrors with antique gilt, gold-leaf, or painted frames will be necessary, hung against the wall over the dresser.

Armchair Or Slipper-Chair

Low wicker, painted wood, or overstuffed, upholstered in flowered or dainty material.


Two straight chairs, natural wood or painted, one for use at desk.


Natural wood, flat-top, spinet, or block front.


Small bedside-table to match other furniture, with small drawer.

Trunk-Rack Or Low Bench

Natural wood-stain or painted, for bags or trunks.


Wood, pottery, or metal base in some dainty unusual design or color.

1 Many houses cannot afford a guest room. The list of appointments and decorative accessories given below will prove useful when one of the family rooms is made over to accommodate a guest.


Not more than three or four, in gilt, natural wood, or painted frames. The subjects should be of interest to guests.

Appointments And Decorative Accessories

Note-paper, blotters, postcards, stamps, pen and ink on desk. Hand mirror, brush and comb, shoe horn, buttonhook, box of assorted dress and hair pins; dress hangers, shoe cloth, shoe pockets or rack in the closet. Small carafe pitcher or thermos bottle and glass for water; small bag or basket with threads, needles, etc. Vase or bowl in pottery or glass for flowers. A few current magazines and small books. Special rack in bathroom for guest towels and soap if there is no guest bath.

Cross ventilation, simplicity, and restfulness

Fig. 56. - in furnishings are important considerations for a bedroom. Better Homes demonstration.