Staffordshire Brands

It will be seen that these irons are divided into three classes, which are (putting them in order of price) list brands, good marked iron, and common iron.

List Brands are those used by some of the oldest established manufacturers, known as the list makers, who having years ago obtained a good character for their iron, and thereby secured a connection for their productions, are able, as a rule, to dispose of it and to fix their own prices. Of late years many of the old Staffordshire firms have died out, and other districts are coming to the front as making special classes of iron suitable for special purposes. Many engineers however, who have heard of the good qualities of the iron in former days, or are unwilling to take the responsibility of a change, still specify the brands to which they have been accustomed, though they pay a higher price for doing so.

As specimens of list brands, the following are given : - l

The iron from the Earl of Dudley's Round Oak Works is marked and also best, double best, treble best, according to quality.

Staffordshire Brands 300176

1 It will be understood that a few of the brands of each sort are given as specimens; it is not intended to assert that they are the best in the market.

Messrs. Bradley of Stourbridge.

is the brand used by Messrs. Bradley of Stourbridge, known by engineers as "SC Crown Iron."

BBH is the mark used by Messrs. W. Barrow and Sons, of South Staffordshire.

John Bagnall and Sons (Limited), Staffordshire.

stands for John Bagnall and Sons (Limited), Staffordshire.

New British Iron Company.

is the brand of the New British Iron Company.

Staffordshire Brands 300180

the brand of various makers and firms with or without their initials.

Messsrs. Philip Williams and Sons, Wednesbury Oak Works.

is the brand of Messsrs. Philip Williams and Sons, Wednesbury Oak Works, known as "Mitre Iron."

Staffordshire Brands 300182Messrs. Brown and Freer (late Hunt and Brown), Leys Ironworks near Stourbridge.

are brands used by Messrs. Brown and Freer (late Hunt and Brown), Leys Ironworks near Stourbridge.

Messrs. William Lee and Company, Gospel Oak Works.

is the brand on galvanised iron of Messrs. William Lee and Company, Gospel Oak Works.

Good Marked Iron is that produced by many manufacturers of repute, who do not belong to the list makers; their brands are well known, but not so long established. Their iron can be purchased at 5s. to 15s. a ton cheaper than the list brands, though it may be of exactly the same quality when gauged by the result of tests. They frequently brand iron with their names, initials, or devices, and with the usual additions to denote quality - such as best, best best, best best best. A good deal of this iron is made in North Staffordshire.


Of the qualities of iron above mentioned, BBB is used for rivets and chains. BB iron is used for swing bridges and similar important structures.

B iron, or iron of equal quality, is generally specified for bridges, roofs, and other ordinary structures in iron.

Under this head the following brands are given as specimens : -