Shelton Bar Iron Company, Stoke.

used by the Shelton Bar Iron Company, Stoke.



do. do.


Silverdale (Stanier and Company). TK.

Silverdale (Stanier and Company). TK.

Kinnersley and Company, Clough Hall Iron Works, Kids grove.

Kinnersley and Company, Clough Hall Iron Works, Kids-grove.

by the Birchills Hall Iron Company, Walsall.

by the Birchills Hall Iron Company, Walsall.




BILSTON are other brands used by the same Company.

Darlaston Steel and Iron Company, near Wed nesbury, Staffordshire.

are brands of the Darlaston Steel and Iron Company, near Wed-nesbury, Staffordshire.

Samuel Groucutt and Sons, Bilston.

Samuel Groucutt and Sons, Bilston.

SPARROW XXX. W. and J.S. Sparrow and Sons, Bilston.

Common Iron is made by manufacturers who, being slovenly and careless in manufacture, or having but a small range of sizes, or being known to buy common pig-iron and raw material, or having been found unreliable or wanting in uniformity of quality, etc., have to submit to lower rates. Common iron is, or should be, used only for unimportant work which requires but little heating or forging to bring it into the shape required.

Midland And Other Districts

The remarks upon the iron manufactured by the less known makers in Staffordshire apply also to the qualities of iron priced in this column of the Table, page 290.

Midland Iron Company (Limited), Rotherham.

is the brand used by the Midland Iron Company (Limited), Rotherham.


Parkgate Iron Company, Rotherham.

is used by the Parkgate Iron Company, Rotherham.

Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Company (Limited).

is the brand of the Pearson and Knowles Coal and Iron Company (Limited), Warrington, for bars and plates.

Parkgate 300195

is the brand of the same company for sheets and hoops.

North Of England

The principal make inhis locality is inails, ship plates, angles, and T irons for shipbuilding, also common boiler plates. The better varieties of this iron are marked with a crown.

Well-known brands are used by Bolckow, Vaughan, and Company (Limited), Middles-borough, Cleveland, and Wilton Park Works.

Bolckow, Vaughan, and Company (Limited).Jno. Abbot and Company (Limited), Gateshead on Tyne.

by Jno. Abbot and Company (Limited), Gateshead-on-Tyne.


Palmer's Shipbuilding and Iron Company (Limited), Jarrow.

Palmer's Shipbuilding and Iron Company (Limited), Jarrow.

RIDSDALE. Hawkes. Crawshay, and Company, Gateshead.

"CONSETT," by the Consett Iron Company, Newcastle-on-Tyne.


The term "best Yorkshire qualities " is generally understood to refer to iron made by the following works or manufacturers : - Lowmoor Works and Bowling Works, near Bradford, Farnley Works, Taylor Brothers, S. C. Cooper's and Monkbridge Works - the last four in or near Leeds. These makers owe their reputation to the good ore and coal used by them, and, above all, to the great care with which their iron is made.

Every process is carefully watched. The different qualities and textures of iron produced at the various stages of manufacture are carefully selected, sorted, and blended together, so that the resulting iron as turned out is thoroughly homogeneous and uniform in quality, and may be relied upon as equally good throughout.

Iron of this class is generally branded with the name of the place where it is produced in full : thus - LOWMOOR; but it has no marks relating to quality, because it is all of the very best description.

The above-mentioned works make a good deal of bar iron, but their chief manufacture is in plates for boilers, and railway carriage and waggon tyres, locomotive axles, armour bolts, etc.

Their iron costs about double the price of ordinary brands, principally because it bears such a high character that it is generally specified for parts of structures which have to be subjected to great heat, changes of temperature, or sudden shocks, combined with great tensile strains.


The manufacture of bar iron and plates in this locality has of late years nearly ceased, the chief business carried on being in making rails. The best known brands are WC (Crawshays), GL (Dowlais Company), JBS and LIC (Llynvi Iron Company, Limited), TW and Company, BJ and Company, Clydach.


Manufactured iron brands of ordinary quality are "Coats" (short for "Coatbridge.") Somewhat better brands are Glasgow and Monk-land.

Swedish Iron is marked, and the brands are noted and classified in an official book. Examples of them will be seen in Percy's Metallurgy.