168. Repapering

Repapering. In repapering walls, the old paper should be removed, the wall scraped, washed, stopped, and coated with size. If the old paper cannot be removed without injury to the wall surface, a coat of size should be applied to it and over that a coat of whiting and size, or distemper. A strong objection against the retention of old paper is that it is likely, through the decomposition of the paste securing it, to prove injurious to health.

169. All domestic wall paper comes in double rolls, of 16 yards in length, and either 18 or 22 inches wide. Cartridge or felt papers are 30 inches wide and 16 yards per roll. Borders are from 18 to 22 inches wide, the same as the papers they match. Imported wall paper is 22 inches wide, but runs only 12 yards to the roll.