4. Schedule

Schedule. The drawings and specifications for a structure are the guides which the estimator must follow in making his computations. . All measurements necessary for calculating the quantity of the materials required are obtained from the drawings; and all information in regard to the character of the workmanship and the quality of materials to be used is furnished by the specifications.

In compiling a schedule, there are three stages to the operation: first, taking the dimensions for each of the various classes of work; second, computing and collecting the quantities; and third, estimating the cost. In carrying out the first of these steps, each of its subdivisions should be considered in the order in which the work will be executed in the building; this order is about as follows:

1. Excavation.

5. Roofing.

9. Heating and Ventilation.

2. Stonework.

6. Plastering.

10. Plumbing and Gas-Fitting.

3. Brickwork.

7. Joinery.

11. Painting and Papering.

4. Carpentry.

8. Hardware and Ironwork.

12. Glazing.

The third step, estimating the cost, may be subdivided into cost of labor and cost of material. The latter can be definitely fixed by an examination of lists giving current prices of materials; while the former must be based on a fixed rate of wages per day for the various classes of workmen.

The second and third branches of the work, being closely connected with the first, will be partially considered in connection with it, and, later, in detail in the complete example on estimating.