There will be no plastering in basement; but all the walls above are to be finished with 3-coat work. All brick walls are furred with terra-cotta, on which the plaster is to be placed. All other surfaces are to be lathed with pine or spruce lath only partially seasoned; and wherever these lathed partitions and the brickwork of chimneys or the terra-cotta adjoin, expanded-metal or wire-mesh lath are to be placed, extending 8 inches onto each side; and, as each coat of plaster is placed, all corners are to be cut through from floor to ceiling.

All plasterers' material is to be freshly burned stone lime, slaked at least two weeks before mixing with sand; and to contain hair of the ordinary quality sold for plastering purposes, and sand clean and sharp. The mixing is to be done just prior to its use, and is to be thorough. The hair is to be soaked so as to separate it from matting, and enough used, and so mixed that it will not be possible to find any small portions of the mortar in which the hair is not visible.

The first coat is to be mixed very rich with lime, using not more than four volumes of sand to one of unslaked lime; and is to be scratched.

The second is to be a thin coat, in which six volumes of sand may be used to one part of unslaked lime; and this is not to be applied before the first coat is dry and hard.

The last coat in all cases will be white; hard finish of lime putty gauged with plaster of Paris. This is to be applied in not less than five days after the first coats appear dry and hard.

The first two coats are to go to the floor back of all base-boards and wainscot, and be brought up to all grounds.

When completed, the work is to be straight and free from discolorations, hair cracks, or lime pits.

Note To Student

No. 3. - See Note No. 1 on page 33, relative to examination of actual masonry work. At this point the student is to follow the directions in No. 1, but applying them to plaster work and materials, and to prepare a 400-word specification of a portion of the work or materials, as explained.