The steep portions of the roof are to be covered with red tile burned from a tough clay; and all nails or wire necessary to secure them permanently to the roof are to be of copper. If wire is used, the gauge is to be not less than No. 12; if nails, the gauge is to be not less than No. 8.

All joints are to be so close that there will be no necessity for water proof paper below, or for cement, except at the hips.

All valleys are to be open, and flashed with 14-ounce copper, which must extend not less than 8 inches under the tile at each side.

Note To Student

No. 2. - See Note No. 1, on page 33, relative to examination of actual masonry work. At this point the student is to follow the directions in No. 1, but applying them to carpentry work and materials, and to write a specification (not exceeding 400 words) of some portion as directed in Note No. 1.

Gutters And Conductors

All gutters and exterior conductor pipes will be of 16-ounce copper; and where they join the soil pipe system, they are to be soldered to cast brass thimbles, which are to be calked into the Iron piping with pig lead.