Exhibition or show drawings consist of plans, elevations, sections, and perspectives; the drawings are in line, pencil, pen and ink, or color; and all are carefully drawn and mounted, to show the scheme for the proposed building. These may be the preliminary sketches of an architect regularly employed, or they may be competition drawings.

The plan is blacked-in, the furniture delicately tinted, and the surroundings rendered in monotone or color. On the elevations the windows are colored in with graded washes. Every shadow is cast and tinted in; if in color, the different materials are indicated by different colors. In the sections shadows are cast on the section and the color schemes of the various apartments are suggested.

The general idea of the proposed building is best presented to the public by a perspective view, rendered in pencil, pen and ink or color. The perspective is generally laid out in the architect's office and then it is sent to a professional artist for completion.