A pencil is a quicker medium for the rendering of a sketch than a pen. A pencil sketch may be made directly on a sheet of drawing paper, and completed on that same sheet. But it is neater to first draw the perspective on smooth white paper, then place Alba tracing paper over this outline, and trace and render. By this means all construction lines in the layout can be omitted.

and the sunny edge of projections can be left out, thus adding greatly to the brightness of the drawing.

Use a soft pencil for rendering, a BB or softer. If the draw-ing is to be much handled, spray it with fixatif. Trim the sketch, lightly gum the corners, and lay on white card with good margin.


The following summary of advice for the rendering of work generally, with pen or pencil may be found helpful.

1. Consider the direction of the light.

2. Discover in the outline before you. the opportunity for a leading dark accent.

3. Look out also for the location of a large light area.

4. Put in shadows.

5. Get at least three distinct values; black, gray and white.

6. Consider the color of roof or the wall, and if necessary use one of them or portions of each for a gray value.

7. Use a very free method.

8. Keep rendering out of the corners of the drawing.

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