The bricks for backing and internal walls are to be sound and well burnt yellow stock bricks; those for external facings to be picked stocks; and those for external facings of chimneys to be hand-made red facing bricks from an approved maker.

No four courses are to rise more than \\ in. in addition to bricks laid dry.


The mortar is to be composed of one part of good lias lime to three parts of sharp pit sand.


Build all walls of the heights and thicknesses shown, the 4 1/2-in. walls in stretcher bond and all others in English bond, on two courses of footings laid on the concrete already specified, well bedded in mortar and finished as the work proceeds with a neat flat joint wherever exposed externally, and in scullery, coals, larder, and w.c. internally.

Sleeper Walls

Build all necessary sleeper walls honeycombed for passage of air.

Damp-Proof Course

Lay Calender's patent asphalte damp-proof course round all walls below level of wood sleepers, and where this is less than 6 in. above the ground render externally in cement and sand (1 to 1) from one course below to three courses above level of damp course.


Turn relieving arches over all openings in two 4 1/2-in. rings, save in 4 1/2-in. walls and where otherwise directed.

Turn arches over all fireplace openings on 2 1/2 by 5/8 in. wrought-iron chimney bars with caulked ends, turned up and down.

Form flat lias lime concrete trimmer arches 6 in. thick under hearths of first floor, supported by 3/4-in. boarding on fillets nailed to trimmer joists and made up to under side of hearths, and rendered in cement to a fine surface.


Properly form and parge and core all flues, and build kitchen flues in right position for range.


Build copper casings in sculleries, and form flue from ditto to connect to kitchen chimney as directed with easy bends, and provide and fix an iron damper in scullery to copper flue. The pan for copper is to be of galvanised iron, and to hold ten gallons. The furnace door and grate to be of heavy quality.

Chimney Stack

Build chimney stacks with sailing course as shown. The top four courses are to be in cement mortar with cement mortar weathering to projecting bands.

Chimney Pots

Provide and set approved fireclay chimney pots, P.C. - each to all flues well flaunched in cement.


Build in under floors No. 4 C.I. airbricks per cottage where directed. Build in two C.I. airbricks just above floor level in larders.


Provide and fix in sculleries No. 3 brown glazed stoneware sinks, 2 ft. 6 in. by 1 ft. 8 in., and build 4 1/2-in. dwarf walls to carry same.

Beam Fill

Beam fill between feet of rafters and ends of joists.

Set Stoves And Ranges

Properly set all stoves and ranges, filling same in solid at back.

Bed Door And Window Frames

Properly bed all door and window frames, lintels, and plates.

Gables And Cuttings

Carry out all necessary cuttings and pointings to gables of roof and cuttings to skew-backs to arches.

Stone Steps

Provide and fix rubbed York or Forest of Dean door landings and stone steps to front entrance and back doorway.

Tarred Base

Put tarred base all round building as shown.

Stone Mantel

Provide and fix 9 by 2 in. rubbed York or Forest of Dean stone mantel joint and shelf in each kitchen, properly cramped to wall.