Range, Fire Grates, And Mantels

Allow (price list) per cottage for range and fire grates (including iron mantels to grates), and provide for fixing same.

Nails, Screws, Etc

Provide all necessary nails, screws, ties, straps, and fittings necessary for the carpenters' and joiners' work previously specified.

Cistern.1 - Provide and fix 80-gallon galvanised iron cistern in roof where directed. Fit same with 3/4-in. strong copper ball valve.


Provide and fix 4-in. cast-iron ogee gutter to all eaves, with all necessary angles, stop ends, and nozzles, laid to proper falls, screwed to fascia, and with joints properly made in red lead.

Down Pipes

Provide and fix 3-in. stout cast-iron down pipes where shown with all necessary swan-necks and short pieces, with one shoot to discharge over gully, all others to connect to shoes already specified in cement. The joints are to be made in red lead, and the pipes are to be carried by strong wrought-iron stays driven into the joints of the brickwork so as to stand 2 in. clear of the walls.

Bolts And Locks

Front and back doors are to have 9-in. barrel bolt and Norfolk latch. Internal doors to have good brass furniture, and rim locks p.c. 8s. W.c. door to have 6-in. barrel bolt and Norfolk latch.