All sheet lead is to be milled, uniform in thickness and free from sand cracks and other defects, and all pipes to be solid drawn and of the full weights specified.

Joints And Unions

All pipe joints are to be proper wiped joints, and all unions are to be brass.


Lay 3/4-in. "heavy" lead supply pipe from company's main in road to cold-water cistern with screw-down cock in an accessible position near back entrance. Take a short 1/2-in. branch from this pipe to-supply cold water to sink.


Fix a 1/2-in. screw-down tap over sink of heavy pattern for constant service.

Overflow From Cistern

The overflow from cold-water cistern to be 1-in. "medium" lead pipe, and to discharge in open air at back.

Supply to W.c. Cistern. - Run supply from cistern to w.c. in 1/2-in. medium lead pipe.

1 This cistern may be omitted where there is a constant water service.

Sink Waste

Wastes from sink are to be 2-in. medium lead pipe with deep drawn lead trap and brass sludge screw, and are to discharge over gulleys.

Ventilating Pipe

The outlet ventilating pipes to drains are to be 4-in. diameter of lead, equal to 5 lbs. per foot super. They are to be properly connected to drains, and to be carried full bore 3 ft. above eaves and have balloon baskets fitted on top. The pipes to be secured with tacks to the joints of the brickwork.


Provide and fix a pedestal wash-down closet to each cottage of approved pattern with flushing rim and trap, with white wood seat, and a 3-gallon flush automatic siphon water waste preventer and cover, fixed on iron brackets and with galvanised iron chain and handle.

Overflow from W.c. Cistern. - Carry supply to this cistern from the larger cistern of 1/2-in. medium lead pipe, and provide a 3/4-in. overflow arm through wall finished with brass flap. The discharge pipe to closet pan is to be 1 1/2-in. lead, with rubber cone bound round connection in copper wire.


Form gutter between gables shown on back elevation and valleys to dormers of 6-lb. lead 20 in. wide, to fall at least 1 in. in 8 ft., properly lapped and secured with lead clips and copper nails, and worked over tilting fillets. Put 5-lb. lead soakers 12 in. wide to all rakes of roof where abutting, chimney stacks and dormers, with 5-lb. lead stepped flashings 7 in. wide. Horizontal flashings to be 8 in. wide, out of 5-lb. lead passed and tacked. The flashings are to be pinned with lead wedges and pointed in cement.

Dormer Checks

Cover the cheeks of dormers with 6-lb. lead, secured with brass screws and soldered dots, and with neatly welted ends on the front edges, close copper nailed.


Put 5-lb. lead soakers 12 in. wide to rakes with roof, and 5-lb. lead aprons dressed over kerbs and open copper nailed.

Put to tiled dormers a 6-lb. lead soaker where ridge meets roof.