20. The setting contractor shall receive the Terra Cotta on arrival at the freight yards and shall transfer it without damage from the cars to the building. When the Terra Cotta manufacturer delivers on trucks at the building the setting contractor shall unload and store the Terra Cotta. Terra Cotta shall be stored under cover, not in contact with the ground, stacked without inflammable packing on wood laths or strips, so as to protect it from injury.


21. All Terra Cotta shall be set by mechanics experienced in the handling and setting of the material.

Cutting And Filling At The Building

22. Notice of errors in the manufacture of the Terra Cotta shall be given to the manufacturer immediately upon discovery. Cutting or fitting due to such errors shall be done by the Terra Cotta manufacturer or shall be paid for by him if he fails to do the necessary cutting or fitting promptly upon receipt of notice.

23. Other necessary cutting and fitting of the Terra Cotta that may be required at the building, including all fitting around anchors, steel and iron work and reinforced concrete, shall be done by the contractor for setting Terra Cotta.

Supporting Metalwork And Anchors

24. In Connection with Structural Steel: Beams, channels, angles, T's, plates and fabricated members for supporting Terra Cotta and which are not secured to the structural steel by rivets or short bolls, as shown on the architects drawings, together with all anchors, hangers, bolts, clips, straps, rods and pins for securing Terra Cotta, shall be furnished and set by the contractor for setting Terra Cotta.

25. In Connection with Structural Concrete: The contractor for structural concrete shall furnish and set all supporting metal work imbedded in the concrete and all shelf angles and continuous rods. All such metal work shall conform to the requirements of the setting drawings prepared by the Terra Cotta manufacturer.

26. All other loose iron such as clamps, hangers, clips, straps, and pins shall be furnished and set by the Contractor for setting Terra Cotta.

27. All anchors, hangers, bolts, clips, straps, rods and pins for securing Terra Cotta shall be of wrought iron or non-corroding soft steel.

28. Anchors, hangers, bolts, clips, straps, rods and pins for securing the Terra Cotta, except where otherwise shown or specified, shall be of the following minimum sizes:

29. Anchors: - (a) For ashlar or courses balanced on the wall, shall be 1/4" x 1/4" or 1/8 5/8", or No. 6 gauge galvanized wire.

30. (b) For projecting courses not balanced on the wall, shall be not less than 5/8" round or square bars of equal cross section.

31. Hangers shall be 5/8" diameter round bars or other shapes of equal cross section area.

32. Clips and straps shall be 3/8" x 2".

33. Pins shall be 1/2" diameter round bars.

34. Continuous rods on concrete wall faces to which Terra Cotta ashlar is clipped, shall be 5/8" diameter round bars which shall be secured to the masonry with 1/2" diameter round anchors placed not more than 2' 0" on centers.

35. All steel or iron supporting metal work shall be clean and thoroughly protected with two coats of pure red lead and linseed oil paint, asphaltum applied hot, or other approved protective compound.

Protection Of Supporting Metal Work

36. Metal work of every description, supporting Terra Cotta, shall be imbedded thoroughly in the masonry backing and when not so imbedded, metal work shall be protected against corrosion by encasing with cement mortar or in cement mortar masonry.

37. When the back of a Terra Cotta course comes in contact with iron or structural concrete in such manner as to prevent the encasing of supporting iron from the rear, an openingshall be made in the top to admit of the placing of the encasing mortar as required above.


38. All cement used for setting mortar shall be of a standard brand of Portland cement fulfilling the requirements both physical and chemical of the standard specifications for Portland cement adopted by the American Society for Testing Materials.

39. All sand used for setting mortar shall be clean, sharp and well graded in size.

40. All mortar for setting and pointing shall be composed of one volume of Portland cement to three volumes of sand. Hydrated lime, not to exceed 9 pounds to the sack of cement, shall be added.

41. The sand and cement and lime, if any, shall be thoroughly mixed dry before any water is added. The use of retempered mortar shall not be permitted.


42. All Terra Cotta shall be set true to a line and carefully laid in a solid bed of mortar. AM rebates in bed and cross joints from front to back and top to bottom, shall be filled solid with mortar leaving no voids. Each piece of Terra Cotta shall be tamped into place, excess mortar cut off and struck with a jointer or trowel. All sills, wall copings and other capping courses, shall be set in a thick bed of mortar and well pounded down so that the mortar fills all spaces around bottom of webs of Terra Cotta.

13. All Terra Cotta projecting courses shall be so set that the arris casting a shadow shall be true to line.

44. When the Terra Cotta work is of such scope or character that the proper handling and setting of the Terra Cotta require special skill and knowledge, the Terra Cotta manufacturer shall, if required by the contract, furnish a competent Terra Cotta setter to assist in the sorting, selecting and handling of the Terra Cotta, to co-operate with the setting contractor, to assist him when cutting or fitting of the Terra Cotta is necessary, to advise as to interpretation of setting drawings and to help generally in securing rapid, efficient progress during the setting of the Terra Cotta. For such service the setting contractor shall pay such setter full time at his regular wage rate. When the furnishing of such a competent setter involves traveling expenses, the setting contractor shall pay the same and also make an allowance for his board.

45. When the services of such a competent setter are not required under the contract, the Terra Cotta manufacturer may, at his own option and expense, send such a representative to the work who shall perform the above services, and the setting contractor shall co-operate with and aid and facilitate the performance of such services by such representative.


46. All joints in Terra Cotta shall be pointed and struck as the setting progresses except in freezing weather. In freezing weather and when re-pointing is necessary, all joints shall be raked or cut. out to a depth of 1/2" and the pointing mortar driven into the joint and struck with a jointing tool.

47. All joints in overhanging Terra Cotta, balustrades, parapets and free standing features shall have joints raked out one-half (! 2) inch, and pointed with an approved elastic cement.


48. All uncompleted walls including Terra Cotta and backing shall be protected by waterproof covering at night and at any time when liable to injury from storms or freezing. (Note:-All other protection required for projecting courses, jambs of openings, etc., is provided for under the work of other trades.)

Cleaning Down

49. Upon completion of the work, mason's wedges, shoring, supports and centering and all other false work and protections shall he removed and the Terra Cotta cleaned down. If satisfactory results cannot be obtained by the use of abrasive soap or washing powder, a solution consisting of 1 1/2 pints of muriatic acid to a gallon of water may be used. In the use of acid solutions only wooden pails and fibre brushes shall be employed.