NOTE:-The Architect or Specification Writer will find it convenient to follow the Short Form Specification beginning with Section 63.

The Short Form incorporates all the provisions of the Standard Terra Cotta Specification, but eliminates the necessity of mentioning them in detail.

Reference to the Glossary, Sections 50-62, will supply the surface finish, ceramic finish, and color data necessary to specify surface and color correctly.

The Corollary Clauses, Sections 85, 86, explain the setting option between mason and manufacturer.

Sections 87-91 under Corollary Clauses explain the specifications for flashing, sheet metal, structural steel, structural concrete and rough carpentry. These specifications form a part of the Terra Cotta Specifications, although the materials are supplied and set in place by different contracting parlies.

A - General Information. Drawings And Schedules

1. The Terra Cotta manufacturer shall be furnished with all drawings, details and other information necessary for the manufacture of Terra Cotta, including drawings for all classes of work with which the Terra Cotta engages.

2. Wherever Terra Cotta is required to match in contour, color, finish and surface treatment, existing Terra Cotta, as for example in connection with alterations or additions to existing work, the Terra Cotta manufacturer shall he furnished with the required profiles and samples of the original work, and other needed information.

3. The Terra Cotta manufacturer shall, before proceeding with manufacture, submit to the architect for his correction and approval, shop drawings showing jointing and construction of the Terra Cotta and provision made for all flashing and counter Hashing. These drawings must conform as nearly as practicable to the architect's drawings, but shall be in accordance with good Terra Cotta structural practice.

4. All pieces of Terra Cotta shall be numbered. The Terra Cotta manufacturer shall provide two copies of the completed scale shop drawings to be used for setting and showing the piece numbering of the Terra Cotta, and the size of the joints to be used for setting the various portions of the work clearly indicated. These drawings shall he designated as the setting drawings.

5. The Terra Cotta manufacturer shall furnish, as promptly as possible, a schedule of all special anchors, hangers, etc., necessary to secure and support the Terra Cotta in a manner approved by the architect.

B - Material

Quality Tests

6. Note: - In view of the researches now being conducted by the National Bureau of Standards at the instance of the National Terra Cotta Society, it seems inadvisable to attempt, at this time, to write either quality clauses in terms of crushing strengths, densities and elasticity, or specifications for tests. Clauses descriptive of the desirable physical characteristics and of tests to prove compliance of the material with such physical requirements will be prepared as soon as the necessary data are available and inserted in a later edition of this standard specification.


7. All ornament shall be artistically modeled by the Terra Cotta manufacturer's staff artists. (Or, models made to Terra Cotta shrinkage scale will be furnished to Terra Cotta manufacturer, without cost to him, securely crated for shipment f. o. b. modelers' studio at ).

8. Photographs in duplicate of all ornament shall be submitted to the architect for his approval or correction, or, if he so desires, he may inspect all modeling at the factory. Such approval or inspection by the architect shall be made promptly. No ornamental work shall be burned until modeling has been approved.

Surface Finish, Ceramic Finish And Color

9. The surface finish, ceramic finish and color of all exposed surfaces of Terra Cotta shall be as indicated by the architect's drawings or as specified. For surface and ceramic treatments, see Glossary of Terms relating to Terra Cotta, which is hereby made a part of this specification.

10. The ceramic finish shall be applied to the Terra Cotta in such a manner as thoroughly to coat the exposed surfaces.


11. The Terra Cotta manufacturer shall submit samples of the color or colors of the ceramic finish to the architect for his approval, and all Terra Cotta shall conform without marked variation to the sample or samples approved.

C - Design And Structure

Ends, Walls And Partitions

12. Walls shall not bo less than one inch thick and partitions shall be of such thickness and so spaced as to perform their proper functions with regard to form and structure. Each piece of Terra Cotta shall be provided with the necessary anchor holes and hand holes and shall be so formed as properly to engage the structure. Reds generally shall be not less than 4" deep.

Washes, Weep Holes And Drips

13. Projecting courses, cornices and heavy ornamental detail may have washes, drips and weep holes, where shown on the approved shop drawings.

Preparation For Flashing

14. Where so shown the washes of all projecting cornices and other exposed horizontal surfaces shall have provision made for flashing. All surfaces where the wash pitches inward toward the structure and stops against superimposed work; all balcony floors, and all gutter grades shall have provision made for flashing.

15. Ragglcs shall be provided to receive gutter linings and flashings when the joints cannot be used for the purpose. Haggles shall be not less than 3/4" deep.

16. All capping courses, copings and sills except of the "slip" type, shall have stools and lugs at intersections with vertical surfaces.


17. All joints shall be straight and true and of an approximate uniform width of 1/4". All Terra Cotta shall be laid out at the factory to test it for uniformity of joint widths and over-all dimensions. Where necessary to secure accurate dimensions and uniform joint widths, the material shall be sized straight and true.

D - Transportation, Storage And Protection

Shipment, Delivery And Care

18. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, all Terra Cotta shall be furnished by the manufacturer f. o. b. cars factory, with freight allowed to destination. All Terra Cotta shall be carefully packed in hay, straw, excelsior or other suitable material.

Be Placements

19. If any pieces of Terra Cotta are damaged in transit, the manufacturer shall be immediately notified in writing by the setting contractor and proceed with the remaking of the pieces. The responsibility for the cost of such replacements shall be determined by the point of delivery fixed by the contract under which the Terra Cotta is delivered. If the point of delivery is beyond the immediate control of the manufacturer, the setting contractor shall assume responsibility for the necessary proof of damage.