Surface Finish

50. Surface Finish designates the texture of the surface of the clay body prior to application of Ceramic Finish.

51. It may be:

(a) Smooth.

(b) Tooled or Drove.

(bl) Eight lines to the inch. (b2) Six lines to the inch.

(c) Light irregular drag or combing.

(d) Heavy irregular drag or combing.

(e) Special.

52. A special Surface Finish like "bush-hammered," "pitted," "vermiculated," etc., involves extra expense and, if required, should be clearly specified.

53. Surface Finish for unglazed surfaces may be smooth or may be tooled with a light or heavy drag. ' Flat surfaces of sufficient width may be tooled, while the curved surfaces of mouldings may be left smooth.

Surface Finish for glazed Ceramic Finish (whether lustrous or mat) is usually made smooth.

54. Granite Colors, if unglazed. may be made smooth or with irregular drag, or pitted. A bush-hammered or special surface involves extra expense, and if required should be clearly specified. If glazed Ceramic Finish is used for Granite Colors the surface treatment is usually smooth.

Ceramic Finish And Color

55. Ceramic Finish designates the surface and color applied by the ceramic processes of coating, glazing, burning, etc.

56. (1) Unglazed Terra Cotta: Terra Cotta with a Ceramic Finish producing an unglazed finish made in various shades of buff, gray, salmon, red and brown. Most colors thus made are vitreous.

57. (2) Glazed or Enameled Terra Cotta: Terra Cotta having an impervious Ceramic Finish of a glassy texture which may be either lustrous or mat (sometimes designated as full or dull glazes or enamels) made in various colors.

58. (3) Granite Color Terra Cotta:

(a) Unglazed Granite Color: - A mottled Ceramic Finish similar to unpolished granite.

(b) Glazed or Enameled Granite Color: - A mottled Ceramic Finish similar to polished granite, made either lustrous or mat.

59. (4) Polychrome Terra Cotta or Faience: Terra Cotta having two or more colors on the same piece.

(a) Polychrome, unglazed: - Unglazed Terra Cotta having two or more colors on the same piece.

(b) Polychrome, glazed: - Glazed Terra Cotta having two or more colors on the same piece.

(c) Polychrome, blended colors: - Made only in glazed Terra Cotta. If, in polychrome glazed work, the colors are not to be separated by definite lines or contours of ornaments, but are to be blended together by brush treatment, or the like, the term "Polychrome, blended colors" shall be used. The character of work expected should be explicitly described.

(Note: - For polychrome work always clearly specify the work to be done and the number of colors on a single piece.)

60 (5) Special: There are a number of Ceramic Finishes used by individual manufacturers the processes for which are patented or the names copyrighted which are not included in this Glossary.

61. (6) Semi-Glaze: An ambiguous term which should never be used.

62. (7) Fire-Gilding: A coating of gold glaze, either mat or lustrous, fixed by an additional burning (The area of surface to be gilded should be clearly described.)

Short Form Specification For The Manufacture, Furnishing And Setting Of Terra Cotta

For Incorporation in the Architect's Specifications To be used in connection with Standard Specifications and (the Standard General Conditions of the American Institute of Architects.

63. (Note to architect: - The Standard Specification does not state who shall set the Terra Cotta, who shall provide wood centering, scaffolding, hoists, cover hoards and protection (except tops of walls against weather). It does not include any cement or concrete work in connection with forming gutter grades and washes on projecting courses and features, or the furnishing or setting of sheet metal flashings and gutter linings. It does not include the furnishing and erection of metal supporting members which are riveted or bolted with short holts to the structural steel or structural concrete. It requires the architect to show on his drawings the sizes and arrangement of rolled or fabricated structural shapes used for supporting Terra Cotta. (See notes on corollary clauses at end of this specification for the work of other trades to take care of such omissions.)

General Conditions

64. The general conditions of the American Institute of Architects. Third Edition, shall form a part of this specitication and contract and all work shall be subject to the provisions thereof.

Work Included

65. The work included in the contract comprises the manufacture, (and) delivery (and setting) of all Terra Cotta in accordance with the contract drawings and these specifications.

66. All (here insert a complete description of work) shall he of Terra Cotta.

Work Not Included

67. The following items are not included as a part of the contract for furnishing (and setting) Terra Cotta.

(a) Masonry hacking. See specifications for (........................................).

(b) The furnishing and erection of metal supporting members which are riveted or bolted with short bolts to the structural steel. See specifications for (...........................).

(c) Cement or concrete grading for gutters, washes, floors, etc. See specifications for (....

(d) Furnishing and setting sheet metal. See specifications for (.........................).