169. The Completion Of The Print

The Completion Of The Print. There will be a slight yellowness about the whites of the print when development is finished, but the alum bath will remove this and will at the same time harden the film forming the picture. Fifteen minutes is long enough for the print to be left in the alum, and as previously stated, it may then be washed in a few changes of water and pinned up to dry. The print can then be trimmed and mounted in any way that seems desirable. It will be perfect in tone; i. c, it will be the same color in every part. There can be no toning troubles in carbon work.

170. A carbon print is absolutely permanent-the picture will last as long as the transfer paper itself. It will be found to differ in one way from other prints, namely, it will be reversed right for left. In some cases this is important, and for these some device has to be adopted to prevent the reversal, but instruction for securing proper results along these lines will be dealt with in the chapters following. The instruction in this chapter is intended to cover simply the first attempts and give an elementary idea of the fundamental principles employed, and to show how very simple are the operations which carbon prints require, and how very few are the requirements in the way of apparatus. The material which we have named is that with which we should recommend any beginner to start, as it is easier to use than some of the warmer colors of tissue and rougher surfaces of transfer paper.