Aristo Gold Paper is a collodion matt surface paper, requiring no toning bath, the emulsion containing the necessary toning chemicals.


491. Printing

Printing. Print Aristo Gold Paper like you would regular gelatin printing-out paper, according to the depth of tone desired in the finished print; but if a good, strong print is desired, you should print until the highlights (the whitest parts) are slightly bronzed. The character of tone depends on the depth of printing. Make a trial of two or three prints, printed to various degrees, as a guide for the tone you most desire.

492. Sepia Tones

Sepia Tones. Wash the prints thoroughly in six changes of water, separating the prints in each wash by hand. Fix for 20 minutes in a hypo bath 30 grains strong, hydrometer test, which is equivalent to three ounces of hypo crystals to 32 ounces of water. After prints are fixed wash in 10 changes of water, separating them constantly for five minutes in each water. After washing they are ready for mounting.

493. Purple Tones

Purple Tones. After printing place prints, one at a time, face down, in a tray containing 16 ounces of water, to which has been added 1/4 ounce of common salt. When the prints are all in, turn over the entire batch, bringing prints facing bottom to the top. In this solution the prints should be kept constantly in motion and thoroughly separated. Allow them to remain until a purple tint appears. When the desired tone is reached, transfer to a tray of clear water, where they should be left until the entire batch is fully toned; then transfer to another tray of clear water containing just enough carbonate of soda to make it soft. Handle the prints over in this water for five minutes; then remove to hypo bath and fix. Finally wash according to the directions given above.

494. Caution

Caution. A strong, harsh, or contrasty negative will not produce the best results on Gold Paper. Negatives should be fully timed, but retain snap and brilliancy.

495. Tones on Gold Paper are governed to a great extent by depth of printing.

496. Cleanliness is vitally important in the manipulation of prints. See that trays are kept perfectly clean.

497. To clean a tray, throw in a handful of salt, adding just enough water to moisten it; then scour very carefully and rinse thoroughly.

498. Aristo Gold Post Cards

Aristo Gold Post Cards. This product is the same as used for the Aristo Gold Paper, except that the stock is of heavy grade, coated with Aristo Gold emulsion. Beautiful Carbon Sepia, or rich purple tones can be obtained without a toning bath.


499. Printing

Printing. Print until all detail is out, or about two shades deeper than the finished print.

500. Washing

Washing. Wash in six changes of water, separating the cards thoroughly in each immersion.

501. Hypo Bath

Hypo Bath. Fix for 20 minutes in hypo bath, 30 hydrometer test (or three ounces of hypo crystals to 32 ounces water).

502. Wash one hour in running water, or 16 changes by hand, separating the cards thoroughly in each water. Dry between photographic blotters.

503. Purple Tories

Purple Tories. For purple tones treat in the same manner as for the Aristo Gold Paper.