338. Loading The Tank With Plates

Loading The Tank With Plates. Style "A" tank having a movable grooved rack for holding the plates, the rack should be taken from the tank and loaded by sliding the plates into the grooves, after which the loaded rack is replaced in the tank ready for developing. In style "B" the plates must be loaded in the tank proper, as this style contains no rack, the grooves being built in the side walls of the tank. Where a large number of plates are to be developed two plates may be placed with glass sides together, and both slid into the one groove, thus enabling you to develop double the number of plates that you would if a single plate were placed in each groove.

339. Ingento Changing Bag

Ingento Changing Bag. Where no dark-room is at hand for loading plate holders or developing tank, the Ingento rubber changing bag will be found very convenient (See Illustration No. 47.) The plate holders, box of plates, or developing tank, are put in the bag at one end. The bag is then closed with glove fasteners. The hands are inserted through the sleeves (which have rubber wrist-bands), and the plates are changed by aid of the sense of feeling.

340. Liquid Capacity of Tanks.-



With 6 Plates

3 1/4 x4 1/4

20 ozs.

16 ozs.

3 1/4 x5 1/2

28 "

23 "

4 x 5

30 "

24 "

4 1/4x6 1/2

40 "

32 "

5 x 7

50 "

40 "

341. Developers For Tank Developing

Developers For Tank Developing. Any good developer can be used with the developing tank, providing it is prepared to completely develop in a given time. For the convenience of the consumer different manufacturers have prepared special powders put up expressly for tank developing. The powders are sold in different sized packages, according to the size bath required, and are to be dissolved in a given amount of water, when they are ready for use. Great care must be taken to dissolve every particle of the powder, to prevent spots in the negatives. For those who prefer preparing their own developer we recommend the regular formula given in Volume II, paragraph 504.

342. Take of stock solution No. 1,1 oz., of No. 2,1 oz., of No. 3, 1 oz., and add 18 ozs. of water, or three times as much water as you would use for a normal bath for tray developing. With the bath at a temperature of 65° Fahr. plates will develop in 12 minutes. By using four times the amount of water, or 24 ozs., you will have a 15 minute developer.

343. Pyro Developer No. 2. - For those who prefer weighing out sufficient chemicals for each batch of developer, we recommend the following bath for 15 minute development:


20 grs.

Sulphite of Soda (Anhydrous).......

60 grs.

Carbonate of Soda (Anhydrous)..........

40 grs.

344. Dissolve the chemicals in the order named in 5 or 6 ozs. of luke warm water; then add cold water to make up a bath of 24 ozs. With the temperature of the developer 65° Fahr. the plates will completely develop in 15 minutes.