400. Mounting Glossy Prints

Mounting Glossy Prints. Squeegeed glossy prints can be mounted after squeegeeing, if they are prepared in the following manner: With your prints squeegeed onto the ferrotype plate and the surface moisture dried out, apply a good heavy paste to the back of the prints (which are still firmly held to the ferrotype plate). We recommend Higgins' prepared paste for this purpose, or you can prepare your own paste according to the following formula:

401. Formula For Making Paste

Formula For Making Paste.

In some earthen dish or even in an ordinary tin cup, place a tablespoon full of common gloss starch; add to this half a cup of water. Stir the starch until dissolved, then place on the stove to cook, stirring continuously until it commences to thicken; then remove from the stove, and keep on stirring until all lumps are removed and the paste is smooth. Set it to one side to cool, after which strain through ordinary cheesecloth. The tablespoonful of starch will make enough paste for fifty to seventy-five 4 x 5 prints.

402. Note

Note. Should you stir the paste too long after all lumps are removed the paste will become blue and transparent, which is not as good as when it is pure white. Apply the paste with an ordinary paste brush.

403. The paste will dry good and firm as the print dries out, and although the print will dry a little slower, the paste will be found to adhere well when rewet. This will not interfere with the handling of prints unmounted, and they can be kept as long as desired. Then when you mount them you can do so in two ways. First, by thoroughly dampening that part of the card on which you are going to mount and laying your print on the card in the proper manner and weighting it down - of course always being sure to put a piece of plain paper over the glossy surface of the print before you lay another card on top. This weight will press the print firmly on the card and the moisture on the latter will dampen the paste sufficiently to make it adhere firmly.

404. Secondly, you can wet the back of the print with a damp sponge - only wetting it sufficiently to make the paste soft. Then, by laying the print on the card and weighting, as stated above, it will take a very firm hold. Or, you can adopt both methods, slightly wetting the back of the print and the face of the card also. A good squeegee roller is necessary in mounting dry-prints, which previously have been pasted while on the ferrotype plates. Press them into place very firmly on the cards. There is no danger of impairing the gloss on the print, providing you do not touch the surface with your wet fingers, or allow any water to get to it.

405. The Eastman Kodak Co. supply a dry mounting tissue, which is placed between the print and card, and by a few seconds' pressure with a hot iron the print is mounted. Complete instructions for use accompany each package of tissue.