253. Kodak Film Tank

Kodak Film Tank. The kodak film tank is well constructed, and is made in different sizes, accommodating films from the "Brownie" up to a 7-inch spool. For a number of years kodak developing machines held a very important position in the amateur's outfit. With the advent of tank development the machines have given place to the kodak film tank. This tank is not an experiment, for it is being used and enthusiastically endorsed by amateur and professional photographers the world over. Negatives of high average quality and uniformity are obtained by means of the tank. Furthermore, it is very convenient and affords the simplest means of developing the roll film. Every step of the work may be performed in daylight, and the entire operation is so simple as to be readily understood by the merest novice.

254. The kodak film outfit consists of a winding box and a developing cup. The film, after exposure, is protected from light by being first wound upon a light proof apron, after which it is removed from the winding box and placed in a cup of developer until the development is completed. By reference to Illustration No. 28 you will observe that the apron, black paper and film are wound on axle D, and when so wound are at once removed from the box and placed in the solution cup - this is done in the light of an ordinary room. Development is allowed to go on for twenty minutes, and the film requires no attention during that time beyond turning the cup containing the film, end for end, three or four times during development - a tightly fitting cover for the cup being provided for this purpose. (In case of the Brownie film tank the film roll itself is turned.)

255. When development is completed the solution is poured off and the cup filled with water to wash out the developer. The water should be changed several times. After a few minutes of general rinsing in this way the film is ready for fixing. If the developer is well rinsed out the film may be taken from the apron and placed in a separate fixing bath. This process of fixing can be carried on in subdued daylight - the light of an ordinary room will do no harm.

256. If desired the fixing may be carried on in the same tank that was used for developing, by allowing the film to remain in the apron and fill the tank with hypo solution and fix for twenty minutes, inverting the tank every five minutes to insure thorough fixing. The method necessitates thorough cleansing of the apron reel and tank after each operation, and while it is all right in cases of emergency, yet we consider it best to fix the film in a separate vessel.

257. With the kodak film tank one can develop a number of rolls of film at once, by merely providing oneself with extra tanks, aprons and reels. The one winding box will answer for any number of films.

Important. - Until perfectly familiar with its operation, it is advisable for the novice to work the winding box a few times without any film in it, and with the cover removed.