402. Modifying The Carbon Picture

Modifying The Carbon Picture. To Increase Depth and Contrast add two or three drops of glacial acetic acid to each ounce of concentrated solution contained in the sensitizing bath.

403. To Soften Contrast and Retain Delicate Detail add fifteen to twenty minims of 5 per cent. solution of ordinary alum to each ounce of concentrated solution contained in the sensitive bath.

404. In the Non-Transfer Method, the bleached image underlying the picture in carbon may be re-developed partially or entirely, and this may be made use of in various ways. For instance, a weak print may be converted into a strong print by re-development.

405. If a weak developer be applied with a brush, local intensification may be affected. A weak sky may be made heavier or other portions increased in strength, while the remainder of the bromide image may be eliminated by a 10 per cent. hypo bath. The underlying image may also be toned by the various methods advised for bromide or developing papers. After such re-development, or toning, the solution must be removed from the print by fifteen minutes' washing in running water.