There is so much work to be accomplished in this, our first six-day convention, that we are having difficulty in finding time to work out the week's program. One day of the week is given over to Rochester's manufacturing interests, which are many and varied. You can choose for yourself where you can most profitably spend the day. The Eastman Kodak Company have asked for one night to entertain our members, and this has been granted them, and they extend the invitation to every one, man or woman, photographer or dealer, wearing a button, to be present. You will miss a good time if you stay away.

Reduced railroad rates by the Trunk Line Association, New England Passenger Association and the Eastern Canadian Association, on the certificate plan, to one fare going, and three-fifths fare returning, is the first reduced rate we have enjoyed in three years. I am sure Ave shall be greatly benefitted by this concession. Added information along this line will be given out as fast as received, with full instructions as to the purchasing of reduced rate tickets.

How about your dues of $2.00? Have you paid them for 1909? If not, send to L. A.

Dozer, Bucyrus, Ohio, and if you are in arrears he will tell you how you stand. If you are not already a member and desire to become one, send $3.00 for membership and $2.00 for annual dues, and upon receipt of $5.00 Mr. Dozer will order your name on our list and send you receipt.

Remember the $100 cash prize which will be awarded during convention week for the best invention or process. Any exhibitor competing must have article or device on exhibition throughout convention and make public demonstration before convention members at a time which will be announced through program. There should be general interest in this invitation, and it sometimes happens that the one who least expects the award is successful in taking home the money.

The headquarters for the convention have been located at the Seneca, a new and modern hotel, first-class in its appointments and near to Convention Hall. Write in advance and secure accommo-tions. There are other first-class hotels which offer special rates, including the Powers, Rochester, Whitcomb and Oshorn.

It is time to begin your preparations for the convention. Get your exhibit ready now. Take a week's vacation in July and attend the big convention in Rochester. Yours truly, F. R. Barrows.