One of the secrets of doing a profitable business and making the most of one's opportunities is to have the goods on hand in season that people want. This is particularly true of the average studio where there are several dulland unprofitable months each year.

In Taprell, Loomis & Co.'s fall supplement on pages 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54 is listed a very nice line of leather novelties. There are boudoir and mantel frames made to hold one and two half and cabinet pictures, bill books and card cases beautifully made of extra quality of leather lined with silk, watch fobs, cigar cases, match safes, in fact, they have all been made especially for the studio, each one having an opening for the insertion of a photograph.

The trouble has been in the past when photographers tried to sell these, they had no means other than a small show case display of acquainting the public

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Quadrille Watch Fob that they had these in stock, but if the reader will turn to pages 3 and 4 of their fall supplement, he will notice that they have gotten out a special trade puller and trade tickler, particularly referring to leather goods; in fact, it is the writer's opinion that the special trade ticklers are better for the leather novelties than the trade pullers, because they enable the photographer to take his telephone list and for a very small sum of money, mail out, for instance, say trade tickler No. 9, which says in substance, "We have the very latest styles in photo leather novelties on display at our studio. Just the thing for birthday and holiday gifts." 200 or 300 of these distributed in your city will settle the question among a large number of the public of what to buy for their holiday gifts. If you will just stop and think, there is no nicer present for a wife to make to her husband than the gentleman's bill book and photo case, which is listed on page 51 of their supplement. This lists at $4.50 and the dealer sells it to the photographer at 50% discount. To say nothing of the order you get for regular photographs, you can sell this at the straight list of $4.50 and you receive 75c for each picture. There is no gift that will hold more value in the father's eyes than the baby photo and card case, which is sold to you by the dealer at $2.50 less 50%, and which you can sell at list and get $1.25 for the print; in other words, this case costs you $1.25 net; add the cost of your picture and you can easily see that it will net you a fair profit.

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Banker's Wallet

These are only two of a number of very interesting novelties in leather which Taprell, Loomis & Co. offer to the photographer, and all of them sold at 50% discount from the list price. They are all hand made of genuine leather, and with the aid of the trade ticklers and trade pullers, above mentioned, every studio that gets busy early in the fall and has a good display, can get its share of the thousands of dollars that are spent in the six weeks preceding Christmas for articles not half as good as you can offer them in these leather novelties when sold in connection with your photographs.

Leaving aside for a moment the direct profit you make on these during the holiday season, it will have the tendency of bringing a large number of people to your studio to look. The sale need not take up too much of the time of your receptionist; they can be set aside in a neat case, each one priced, and can be sold just as quickly as regular photographs. Remember the public will look with an entirely different point of view at your photographs, and the idea of a leather receptacle, whether it be a pocketbook, card case or photo frame, will appeal to them as desirable gifts to give their friends and relatives at the holiday season.

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Baby Photo and Card Case put in a line of these leather goods. Your customers will like them. Holiday suggestions during holiday season are appreciated.

If you haven't a copy of the fall supplement, a post card request to Taprell, Loomis & Co., Chicago, will bring it. The time to give it attention -now.

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By Louis E. Allen Rochester, N. Y.

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By Louis E. Allen Rochester, N. Y.