Ohio-Michigan Photographers' Association, to be held at Jackson, Mich., March 22, 23, 24. Secretary, Will A. Triplett, Bluff-ton, Ohio.


Inter-Mountain Photographers' Association, to be held at Ogden, Utah, April 4, 5, 6, 7. Secretary, J. C.Cooley, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Professional Photographers' Society of New York, to be held at New York City, Metropolitan Building, April 6, 7, 8. Secretary, Howard D. Beach, Buffalo, N. Y.

To follow in the footsteps of the men who have held the office of president in the Photographers Association of America and who have without exception upheld the honor of American photography and the prestige of this Association, is no light task for any man, however competent he may be. So, in assuming the duties and prerogatives of your presiding officer, I feel that I have undertaken a work that will require my every effort and the most serious endeavor to bring it to a successful conclusion, at least as far as my term is concerned. I know that the members of the Association, having honored me with their confidence in electing me to the chair, will also honor me by lending their aid in advancing the interests of the Association and more particularly in helping to bring the 1910 Convention to a successful issue.

As matters are at present, the work of your officers for the year is largely devoted to planning and conducting the annual convention. This by vote of the members will be held at Milwaukee, and at the recent meeting of the executive board, plans were made which it is hoped will assure not only a large attendance at the meeting in July, but also a most interesting and instructive session which shall combine all these features which have made the conventions of the National Association so popular. It is a little early to particularize, but I may say now, that the School of Photography having found such favor, we have decided to continue this feature and, with the knowledge gained in the past, to plan it along even better and more valuable lines. I have received assurances of assistance from the very pick of our profession, giving a guarantee that the School program will be conducted with serious purpose and with the one idea to make it of value in the broadest way to the largest number.

Our Convention Hall is the finest meeting place in the country, and gives us ample room without crowding for the various purposes called for. The Exhibition Hall in particular is a well-proportioned room that will permit of hanging all the pictures entered in a manner that will remove all criticism.

I am especially proud of the fact that, during my term of office, the women photographers of the country will meet as a body, distinct and yet a part of the Association. They will have their own exhibition - in the Exhibition Hall - and they have arranged to have the leading woman photographer of the country present to criticism their pictures. As these criticisms will be given in open meeting, it is,of course, the privilege of all members to share in the instruction that such criticism is bound to impart.

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