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From ROM AN ARTURA IRIS PRINT By Howard D. Beach Buffalo, N. Y.

Your chance The 1910 Kodak Advertising Competition which distributed $2000.00 in awards among the prize-winning photographers and several hundred additional dollars for purchased negatives, attracted interest and entries from Maine to California. Professional photographers from New York to San Francisco were awarded prizes, and this is mentioned to show you that the prizes were not confined to any particular section of the country, and that every professional photographer, no matter where located, can win provided he can make a picture that will advertise some one of the many uses of the Kodak or Kodak convenience in a convincing and pleasing manner.

The same old rule for success can be applied to the Kodak Advertising Competition, and thus applied is - the man who can make his pictures just a little bit better than any other man is the one who wins.

There were five awards in the professional photographers class, and in addition we purchased many pictures which can be used by us for advertising, thus allowing all competitors numerous chances.

We now come to the title of this article, "Your Chance," and your chance lies in the 1910 Kodak Advertising Competition which is now open and will remain open until October 1, 1910.

You may be at sea in regard to just what kind of pictures we want - in doubt as to just what type of picture stands a chance of pulling down some of the prize money and here is where we come to your assistance by furnishing you with a handsomely printed Souvenir Portfolio containing reproductions of the 1909 prize-winning pictures and reproductions of some of the additional pictures we purchased.

The Souvenir Portfolio and the printed rules governing the contest will be sent free upon application. Get the cork out of your ink bottle or sharpen your pencil and drop us a line now. Just write us and ask for a Souvenir Portfolio of the 1909 Kodak Advertising Competition together with rules and regulations.

It is "your chance" to win the $500.00 first prize, the $400.00 second prize, or some of the remaining prize money. You have as much of a chance as anybody, and after seeing the pictures in the Souvenir Portfolio we are going to send you, you will know just about what kind of stuff lands the prize money.

The pictures which won in 1909 will, perhaps, suggest something to you and enable you to make a 1910 winner.

The jury of award will consist of photographers and of advertising men who are fully competent to pass upon the work submitted. Full attention will be paid therefore to the artistic and technical merit of the work as well as its strength from an advertising standpoint. Announcement of the names of the judges will appear later.

There are six months remaining before the competition closes, but now is the time to get busy and start things. If you don't start early you'll wish you had. Write to-day. Address Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N. Y.