The Boss says that when he wuz a kid an' uster shoot off fire crackers it wuz pretty hard to tell by lookin' at 'em jus' which ones would make a noise an' which ones wuz only sizzers - an' that when you got hole of a sizzer you not only didn't get no noise but you wuz mos' liable to get your fingers burned. I ast him wot got him to thinkin' about fire crackers an' sizzers, an' he says a woman had jus' bin in try in' to get him to put a ad in a church fair program, an' he said that that wuz a sizzer, an' that all the noise he would get out of such a ad would be from the trampin' of feet of other solicitors try in' to get upstairs an' sell him another sizzer just because he had but that one.

The Boss give me a ticket to that fair, and me and the reception room girl's sister went, an' say, all the girls had them programs folded up an' wuz using them for fans, an' nobody never did read one of them.

I ask the Boss wuz the lady sore because he didn't buy no ad an' he says, yep, but that she'd outgrow it, an' that when she wanted some pictures made that she'd go to the man who made the best pictures, an' that that wuz him.

The Boss says that if you let any one get you on the E. Z. Mark list, pretty soon you'll be so busy holdin' out your hands for another sting, that you won't have no time to tend to business an' won't have no business to tend to - and that if a person finds out that you fall so easy for him, he'll think your props is weak all roun' an' that when he has any real business he'll go to the other fellow.

The Boss says it sure pays to advertise, but it's got to be real advertising - not just handing out some money to see how your name and address looks in print. He says you have got to put more horse sense in your ad than you do in conversation, because when you are talking to a man you can hold on to his coat an' make him listen, but in your ad you

have first got to holler loud enough to make him stop, look and listen, and that when you have got him to the listening point you have got to say some-thin' and say it quick, because every other advertiser is trying to get to him as well as you.

The Boss says his business is making and selling good pictures, an' that he would nt know a good ad if it cam' up and bit him on the ankle, so that when he wants a good ad, that sells the goods, he goes to a man whose business it is to make them kind of ads, an' he don't ast the man to take it out in trade neither, because a good ad is worth good real money an' that a man will only do his best for the stuff that you can pass in to the receiving teller at the bank.

Eastman Focusing Curtain

Eastman Focusing Curtain StudioLightMagazine1910 115

In position here's a focusing cloth that is always where you want it, when you want it. It cannot slip off the top of the camera and drape itself over your head, leaving you in darkness just at the time you should see light on the ground glass.

As shown in the illustrations, the curtain is mounted on an adjustable brass rod, fitted with sliding brass rings, to which the curtain is attached. The rod is easily attached to the camera, and being adjustable, will fit cameras from 8 x 10 to 14 x 17 in size. The curtain is velvet, which, in combination with the brass, presents a neat and elegant appearance. It in no way interferes with the changing of plate holders or camera back attachments.

Eastman Focusing Curtain StudioLightMagazine1910 116

Thrown to one side for changing plate holders.Put this outfit on your camera and end all focusing cloth inconveniences, and at the same time add quality to your skylight apparatus. Sold by all dealers, complete, for $5.00.