For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the nature of this book we will describe its contents and purpose.

It explains by illustration the methods used by twenty-five well-known photographers. The methods are illustrated by a set of pictures showing first, the subject under the light with the camera screens and reflectors in position; second, a print from the raw negative, or in other words, a proof; and third, the finished print.

The purpose of the book is purely educational and any photographer who is at all sincere in his desire to produce better work can learn much from the pages of "With Other Photographers."

We show herewith an illustration which will give you an idea of the style in which the work of these different photographers is handled in this book. On account of the reduced size of the illustration it is possible to get but a vague idea of its nature, but the book itself is sufficiently large in page size to give you a very clear idea of the way each photographer works.

The text is direct and clear and includes a brief description of each photographer and his or her characteristics. These descriptions make the reader feel as though he has met them personally in their studios. The reader knows each one better after reading the book and can easily imagine he has seen them at work under their own light.

From Eight To Twelve Continued StudioLightMagazine1910 112

If you wish to meet the other photographers in the pages of this book - if you wish to know them better - if you would like to study their methods in posing and lighting and apply these methods to your own work - not copy them but grasp the truth of their methods in a broad way and profit thereby, you must have a copy of this book.

"With Other Photographers" is a good investment. It represents the efforts of one photographer, you all know of, Ryland W. Phillips, to bring to your door for your good and the good of the profession, the methods used by a number of the leaders in this country and one from abroad. It also represents the true fraternal spirit existing among photographers, as without the aid of all who have contributed to this work Mr. Phillips himself says the production of the book would have been impossible.

If you grasp but one idea one broad principle used by any one of the photographers represented in its pages, you are more than repaid for the purchase of the book, and the author will also feel repaid for his efforts in getting together this valuable collection for the general uplift of the craft.

"With Other Photographers" is nicely bound in cloth, artistically printed, and will make a valuable addition to any photographic library.

Your dealer has a copy for you. Price, $2.50.

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The illustrations in this issue are reproduced from Artura prints made from Seed Plate negatives, produced at regular demonstrations of the Eastman Professional School of Photography, showing the work done in lighting, posing and draping.

The negatives used for these illustrations were made at different sessions of the school on its 1910 tour and are representative of the course in operating given at each school for the benefit of attending photographers. At each session many different lightings and styles in posing are demonstrated and the ever increasing attendance is proof that the School course is appreciated by the photographer.

The course in operating includes line lighting, the making of white ground negatives, hand and figure posing and draped effects. In the draped figures the method of draping is plainly demonstrated and the method used is simple and quick when thoroughly understood. The strip of cloth used to produce the draped effects is cleverly wound about the sitter - not even a pin being used in fastening it. In this way the entire costume, including the sleeve and skirt effect, is formed.

Another feature of the 1910 School, and a valuable one, is the course given during the first day session of each school. To use the words of one of the instructors, "For years photographers have been taught and drilled in posing, lighting, development of negatives and printing; but little of the finishing of the prints, the spacing, mounting and final disposition, including business pushing, advertising, etc., has been exploited for his benefit."

"This year at the Eastman Professional School these necessary factors to success have been presented and carefully and plainly illustrated. At every school, at the last demonstration of the first day, these all important subjects are treated. They include ideal trimming and spacing, mounting, printing of title, name or designs in white, border white line effects; deckling edge of print or folder, marginal imprinting, etc., together with advertising ideas, business getting suggestions and dressing of showcases (in the presence of those who attend the School) in such a manner as to insure for the photographer all possible financial benefit the showcase - his biggest advertising asset - can bring."

To sum up - The Eastman Professional School course covers the entire range of professional work from the arrival of the sitter to the delivery of the finished work - all done in a practical way which every photographer can apply to his own business.

From Eight To Twelve Continued StudioLightMagazine1910 113

FROM AN ARTURA IRIS PRINT Demonstration Negative - Eastman School

New Orleans, Louisiana

To get the full benefit of the course the entire three-day session should be attended. The first day is as important as the last. Every day's program is . filled to capacity with useful demonstrations - demonstrations and talks which no progressive photographer can afford to miss.

Watch the School dates and plan to attend when the School is within reaching distance of your location. Bring your assistants with you. It will pay you to give them this practical course in photography at every opportunity. Advance dates appear.